T.N. Sudarshan

Sudarshan (T N) , schooled in the western methods and techniques of Sciences and Engineering, is a Computer Scientist by profession, engages in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and related technologies.His research and practical interests in the extant civilizational encounter have been to formalize and enable the reification of the dharmic dialectic and its related semantics not only in the socio-cultural space but also in pedagogy, both in the Sciences and Social Sciences. 

As a published scholar in various fields , Indology , Vedic Sciences , Population Genetics ,technology. He has been performing at world-class levels in engineering and leadership for more than a decade in building technology. This unique experience is brought to pragmatically bear upon the formulation and enabling of the Dharmic narrative both in academic, real-world and pedagogical settings. 

Widely read and deeply conversant with the Western Dialectic, its epistemology, academic mechanisms of delivery, the effects it has on polity , culture, policy  and dissemination and the abrasive civilizational encounters between the Dharmic and the “rest”, he understands the pragmatics at play in the global kurukshetra , where Indian knowledge is used as an unacknowledged “source” by modern science and technology. 

Sudarshan having built and consulted , 10+ technology startups, in different verticals, he is of the firm belief that the systems and infrastructure that Vedavaapi is building is a crucial missing piece in bringing Vedic knowledge into a modern dharmic context. 

Sudarshan opines that if Dharma has to flower globally , knowledge systems aligned to and emanating from Dharma have to be embraced. The repository of knowledge that can be put to human good is immense and is just waiting for the right enabling platform. Vedavaapi is a possible first step in addressing the asymmetry in the narratives of modernity