Remove the barriers preventing modern seekers from understanding and applying native Indic knowledge for contemporary uses.

The barriers include:

  • Lack of widespread, flexible access of indic knowledge sources for western-educated audience,
  • Unfamiliarity with their language or scripts,
  • Paucity of scholarship to interpret them,
  • Lack of training in the Indic method of inquiry and discourse,
  • Paucity of tools to search, process, correlate and mine that knowledge at scale,
  • Lack of standardized data exchange formats and interfaces for interoperability of tools.

The foundation supports the use of information technology and data science to make the existing Indic knowledge base accessible to the younger generation in a form that appeals to them. It supports development of tools to extract information from digitized Indic knowledge content in the form of scanned manuscripts (taalapatras), audio and video recordings, and encoded texts in several Indian languages and scripts. It strives to develop standards for interoperability of Indic knowledge processing tools.

We believe these efforts will give a fillip to Indic scientific research and innovation.

Operating Philosophy

  • Not-for-profit operation
  • Free, open-source access to intellectual property for non-commercial and private use
  • Income sources: donations (cash and infrastructure), support contracts, subscription fees for hosted services·
  • Collaboration with R&D institutions for exchange of expertise, deployment of common services
  • Support traditional scholars to assist in the effort through grants
  • Generate employment for shaastra experts by opening up value creation opportunities for them

Products and Services

  • Vedavaapi.org: Hosted online service to access, share and process Indic knowledge content
  • Software: for custom/private deployment, use with local/remote data sets
  • Project sponsorships and internships at institutes to support research and development of Indic Knowledge-processing technologies.

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