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Making India's Traditional Knowledge Accessible and Intelligible

Shaastra Maps: Enabling Conceptual Exploration of Indic Shaastra Texts

Here is the abstract of a research paper by Vedavaapi. It is accepted for publication at the World Sanskrit Conference, January 2023 in Australia under Computational and Digital Humanities section. Abstract Indic shaastra texts employ a rigorous, structured style of discourse that adheres to well-laid-out conventions of Nyaaya and Mimaamsa. As a result, unlike modern…
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Tapping into India’s Civilizational Knowledge: Role of AI

Here is a one-hour talk by Sai Susarla at IIT Delhi on October 10, 2019 introducing the concept of Civilizational knowledge and how the stars are aligning to tap into it on a large scale using a combination of AI and India’s traditional scientific models.

Vedavaapi Architecture

Vedavaapi: A Platform for Community-sourced Indic Knowledge Processing at Scale Paper on Vedavaapi’s platform architecture. The full paper is available here. Abstract Indic heritage knowledge is embedded in millions of manuscripts at various stages of digitization and analysis. Numerous powerful tools and techniques have been developed for linguistic analysis of Samskrit and Indic language texts.…
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