Vedic Knowledge Systems

वेदात् सर्वं प्रसिध्यति

Articulation of Vedic Knowledge as a “System”

Given the varied nature of “Knowledge Systems” , what sets the Bharatiya tradition apart is that it is (uniquely) based on the Veda. The definition of “Knowledge” , and the associated lifecycle of “knowledge” –> creation, validation, curation , use, subject matter : are all unique, and especially so when one attempts to understand it, in context of or in juxtaposition with knowledge-artifacts of modern western knowledge systems.

A formal definition is provided as also a seminal compilation of the critical knowledge structures. These need to be understood and internalized , by seekers of Bharatiya drishti. The popularization of the movement toward a Bharatiya world-view , through the modern avatar of IKS ( Indian Knowledge Systems) will require appreciation ( in the least) and formal grasp ( for any sort of discernible impact) of these fundamental knowledge structures. The inherent Epistemology and Ontology of “Knowledge” in the Vedic system will reveal deep syntheses and harmonies. Unless internalised at a deep level , any contextual juxtaposition of the vedic concepts or attempts to use them effectively , will almost always be non-optimal and in many cases trivialised.

Sakala Śastra Sūtra Kośa – Illustrating vidyāsthānas, overview of śastras and brahma sutras.